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Consequences of violating a no-contact order

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Criminal Defense

When a court enters an order that prohibits a person from contacting or going near another person, that is called a no-contact order. This usually happens in situations where the safety of a person might be at risk. For example, after a fight at home or after being threatened by another person.

Breaking a no-contact order

If you ignore the order and contact the person you are not supposed to contact or go near, you violate the no-contact order. Another term for this is breaking a no-contact order.

While you might think this is not a big deal, it actually is. An order entered by the court is not a suggestion or an ask—it is an order and a rule that people have to follow.

If people do not follow a court’s order, there are consequences. Depending on the violation, it could be fines, time in jail or other punishments. The court especially does not like to see people violating orders because it is disrespectful to the court.

Here’s what you can expect if you break a no-contact order:

  • Arrest
  • New charges
  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Tougher rules
  • Impact on your case

Whatever case you had before that led to the no-contact order just got worse because you essentially told the court that you thought it was fine to disregard the court’s instructions and rules and that you violated laws.

Difficulties ahead

This can make it much harder for your attorney to represent you because you already have a record of breaking the law and disrespecting the court.

If a court of law issues a no-contact order against you, read every letter in the order and make sure you comply. Take it extremely seriously and if you have questions, ask the court or your attorney.

Understanding the seriousness of this can help you protect your future and prevent any further negative consequences.