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Aggressive Champions For Those Facing Criminal Charges

If you have been accused of a crime, it can quickly feel like the world has turned against you. Explaining the situation to police, to your loved ones or to your boss might seem like an impossible task. What happens next could determine the outcome of your freedom, your reputation and your career.

Give yourself a higher chance of dismissing or reducing the charges against you with a proven criminal defense attorney. Based in Tacoma, The Law Office of Michael Austin Stewart offers steadfast, reliable service to clients who are confronting the challenges of a criminal case. Our law firm has earned a reputation for high-profile criminal defense trials, and your victory is our mission.

Experienced Criminal Defense Counsel

We are passionate advocates for clients who face charges that threaten their future, including those that involve:

  • Domestic violence, assault and violent felonies
  • Sex offenses
  • Firearm charges
  • Drug charges such as possession and trafficking
  • Theft
  • Drunk driving and repeat DUI
  • Gross misdemeanors and probation violations
  • Juvenile crimes

Regardless of the allegations, we fight with passion and careful legal strategy. We will maintain respect and compassion for you no matter what the prosecution claims. Our purpose is to protect the rights of our clients and to eliminate or reduce charges whenever possible.

Sophisticated Representation In White Collar Crime Cases

We are willing and eager to take on complex cases. The Law Office of Michael Austin Stewart often works alongside professionals and business owners in Washington to resolve white collar criminal charges.

Attorney Michael Austin Stewart thoroughly investigates cases that involve fraud, embezzlement, computer crimes and other complicated circumstances. These defenses require strong attention to detail. We know how to present and refute computer records, payment transactions, documents and other forms of evidence for the benefit of our client.

See How We Go The Extra Mile

The Law Office of Michael Austin Stewart is ready to fiercely defend you. Call 253-948-3586 or complete our contact form to meet with us at a free confidential consultation. We will stand on your side.