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How can a criminal record impact your professional reputation?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2023 | Criminal Defense

CNN reported that almost 70 million people in the United States have a criminal record. While there have been pushes at various levels of government to offer leniency when it comes to past convictions, having a record can still cast a shadow over your professional reputation.

Understanding how a conviction could impact your career can help you as you navigate the challenge of fighting a criminal charge.

Makes you look untrustworthy

Trust is the foundation of any professional relationship, and a conviction can significantly undermine that foundation. Colleagues, supervisors, clients and business partners may view you differently once they become aware of your criminal record. It could make it more difficult to build business connections or even secure jobs where trust is an essential factor.

Violates ethical standards

Some professions have stringent ethical standards and codes of conduct. A criminal conviction might violate these standards, leading to consequences such as license revocation or disqualification from practicing in your field.

Reduces your employability

Many employers conduct background checks during the hiring process. A criminal conviction could lead potential employers to question your suitability for the role, regardless of your qualifications. This can limit your job prospects and hinder your ability to secure new opportunities.

Hurts the employer’s image

Public perception matters in business. Your conviction could become public knowledge, affecting how others perceive you and your employer. If your criminal record creates a public relations hassle, your employer may feel the only answer is to let you go.

A criminal conviction carries the potential to cause significant damage to your professional reputation. It could impact your ability to make a living and make it very difficult to secure employment.