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Underage DUI charges can shatter a teen’s life

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | Uncategorized

Underage drunk driving charges can be very difficult cases to manage for a host of reasons. Sometimes, these cases arise even though a young driver had an extremely minute amount of alcohol in their system. Thanks to zero-tolerance laws, any amount of alcohol in a teen’s system can cause them to face DUI charges if they are stopped by a law enforcement official. Many teens and even parents do not realize that DUI charges can surface even though a young driver is not intoxicated. Moreover, some of these cases are completely fabricated or a driver’s rights were not respected when they were stopped. 

There are countless ways in which DUI charges can shatter a teen’s life. From a social standpoint, these charges can be absolutely devastating. They may lose friends and others who looked up to them may lose all respect for them as a result of the case. Furthermore, these charges can impact their academic life in a number of ways. Not to mention, down the road they may face career problems because of their record. These are just a few of the reasons why drunk driving charges can be so serious for young drivers and many teens have felt like their lives have fallen apart in the wake of a DUI case. 

Some parents may be upset with their child for being stopped for drunk driving, but they should try to protect their child’s future. If your teen has been charged with driving under the influence and you have no idea of what to do next, do not wait any longer to review your legal options.