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Visitation and high-conflict situations

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2022 | Uncategorized

The simple answer is yes. The courts can charge you with a few violations during a custody exchange or visitation. This is true under certain circumstances and only when there are other conditions present.

Here are a few things that can go wrong during a routine custody exchange or visitation.

Visitation and a no-contact order in place

There is no visitation if you have a full no-contact order in place. You will need to get the order modified to have visitation or custody.

Visitation and a high conflict situation

During a high conflict divorce, the courts usually order supervised visitation according to the State of Washington. Only the courts can change this decision.

Visitation and domestic violence

Accusations of domestic violence can and do happen during visitation or custody exchanges. Whether these accusations are true or not makes little difference. In this case, the courts may stop visitation until they determine who is at fault.

Visitation and harassment

If there is a no-contact order, you could find yourself in jail. If there is not one, the courts might decide to put one in place.

Visitation and stalking

Stalking is a serious crime. If you continually show up or have another party show up without permission or against a family plan, the courts can charge you with stalking. Whether a no-contact order is in place or not, harassing someone about or during visitation is not permitted.

During a high-conflict divorce or visitation agreement, they can charge you with a violation if a crime occurs. It is always best to be calm during visitation to avoid any legal complications.